Writing By Hand

The sensual pleasures and pain of it

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Yesterday, after about TWO WEEKS of trying to plot out my new romance story, I finally sat down at my desk with nothing more than a few colored pens and some blank paper. It was great — it was so freeing, such a reminder to let my sensual experiences come from any-and-everywhere they can.


I got about 25–30% of the story plotted out AND their backstories AND the epilogue!

Probably would have gotten more done if I wasn’t multitasking updating my computer at the same time. But, for a first run, I’m super stoked to be reminded of the power of putting pen to paper. Super stoked.

I’ve decided to commit my beautiful marbled pink composition book to just this story — writing out the entire first draft by hand.

It’s gonna cause pain for sure — I’ve got some not-at-all-fun nerve pain and fibromyalgia pain that combine in interesting and unpleasant ways. BUT I’ve also got these great new compression gloves and my favorite Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens (these pens really make a difference in both my comfort while writing AND my pain afterwards in a very positive way).

Plus, going back to basics, putting pen back to paper to get the first draft out means I can work on this at any time, as long as I got pen & paper. No need to carry my very large, very old, very heavy laptop around. Nope. Right now I just need to get this ‘shitty first draft’ done.

Here’s to returning to my basics.

Here’s to romance!

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