Why We Need to Create Just to Create

It can't always, or even mostly, be about making a sale.

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"The creative adult is the child who survived." -- Ursula Leguin

All of us are born with creative energies to create simply because of the call to create.

Some of us may create incredible music or art, others are called to create welcoming spaces to help others feel at ease, or to craft meals from the heart because feeding people is a form of every day magic we all must partake in. Others may find their creative outlet in numbers, or in knowing intuitively how to say just the right thing to ease another’s pain.

Every human is born with innate creatively.

But, sometimes, we get stuck thinking we aren’t good enough or that we must create only things that others like and will pay for.

That is not innate — that is cultural.

Capitalism says that what we produce and what we earn is what matters. And while, yes, we’ve all got bills to pay and it is a great feeling when someone buys something you’ve put your creative soul into, it cannot be the only reason we create. And it can really jam up our creative pipelines and cause a painful disconnect from Spirit when we focus only on things which will win us accolades or put $$$ in out bank accounts.

If we allow our creative energies to be completely tied up in what sells we end up selling out our creative souls.

“Some people say that if you do what you love at work, you never work a day in your life. I would argue that, at least under a capitalist system, if you do what you love at work, what you love could eventually become what you hate. That is why capitalism kills creativity.” Nadya Primak

We must learn to protect our creative energies, even if we also must tap into them to pay the bills.

Like last month when I decided to make a 2021 planner that would totally rock.

And last month I did just that, twice over.

And… neither of them felt “right” to me, for me.

But I had other projects and freelancing gigs and a strong desire for a week-long sabbatical and all that jazz.

And yet, still, I felt this call to create a thirst 2021 planner. Only this time create only that which feels completely, intimately like me.

But I didn’t “want” to and I felt, at first, silly and wasteful at the idea of indulging the time.

And I literally count not stop thinking and daydreaming and feeling excited about it.

But I should be focusing my time on building my business and getting new freelances clients and writing blog posts and emails and such.

And… my goodness but why have I fought so hard and so long to survive, thrive and heal if not to live a life that lights me up like thinking of this planner light me up?!?


yeah, ok then.

So I gave myself permission to dive in, as deeply and lovingly as I desired.

First, I had this cover:

I find it to be beautiful and evocative, but it wasn't feeling like the right image for this project.

And I knew I had to step back and sleep on it so Spirit could process and speak to me.

But why wait?!? It is done!

And, yet, I waited. I trusted. I slept on it and woke with Humble Clarity of vision.

But what if no one likes it, buys it?

Ah, yes, that old fear...

But I am making this as Spirit calls me too - it doesn't matter if it sells a thousand copies or no copies, it matters that I honor Spirit's call.

And so I did and, upon completion, such a sense of peace and pure joy radiated into of me as I printed it out and put the pages into my discbound binder.

Here is my final cover:

And that is my takeaway for you today -

It doesn't always have to be about performing or selling or 'getting it right'. It is more than OK to give yourself permission to follow the wish of your Spirit, the whispers of the Divine - without thought to what others may think of the outcome.

What matters is that you find your Truth in creative spaces and honor it - that is what we're here for after all - to honor who we truly are.

And me?

I'm over here using my You Are Magic planner everyday and so darn grateful I listened to Spirit.

If you'd like to see more of the You Are Magic planner, click the image below:

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