Why This ADHD Small Biz Owner Is Giving Time Blocking A Try

"The shorter way to do many things is to only do one thing at a time." - Mozart

Time Blocking.

Have you heard of it?

The short answer is that you work on like activities grouped together for a set amount of time.

I first heard of the concept in a blog post by Caroline Leon. She calls it Batching. Her post also has a free batching printable if you’re into printable (like me!) - you can find that post here.

I’ve been hearing about Time Blocking on and off for a couple of years now but never tried it. I kept thinking, “No, I’ve got to get a little done on ALL.THE.THINGS each day.”

Yeah, that hasn’t been working for me.

Like, at all really.

Yet I’ve still felt so reluctant to switch to Time Blocking, thinking it would be boring or tedious or something like that. Plus, living in a disabled, chronically ill body has made me super cautious about setting firm To-Do’s on my schedule. When ya never know if your body will be up to working on any certain day, it gets hard to trust yourself scheduling things like this. At least, it’s been hard for me.

But you know what?

Doing a little bit each day has meant that if I experience a major symptom flair I get behind really quite. That has been an emotional struggle, feeling like I just can’t get ahead of myself - always playing catch up because of chronic illness stuff.

Then January arrived and I still hadn’t managed to get started building out the materials for the Beta launch of my Fall In-Love with Yourself program and then our sewer line clogged and flooded our basement and then my partner had a dental emergency and then we had to get caught up on all the laundry that had piled up while we waited for the plumber to fix the sewer line and get the basement floor disinfected after flooding and then, almost into the 3rd week of January, I was finally able to dive into building the program out.

Oh, and at the end of January we needed to turn my office into a bedroom for a family member so I spent the first half of February working on all those details too.

As in, less than two weeks before it was going live and all I had at that point was the weekly outlines, the daily exercises planned and a million thoughts still floating in my brain.

Less than two weeks before it was set to go live and not one piece of material had been created yet.

Oh my, that caused me no small amount of distress and fear of failing to follow through and disappointment and even some shame because I’d already proclaimed to my partner that this is the year I was launching my first course.

Shame sucks.

Instead of wallowing in it I decided to get to work and quickly found out that Time Blocking was quite possibly the ‘productivity hack’ I’d been looking for my entire adult life.

Because I had no choice but to buckle down and create more than one day’s materials at a time, I discovered that I was able to get much deeper into my groove (aka: Flow) by spending hours on it at a time. I didn’t get bored. I got only more and more inspired.

And I got it all done AND while getting it done, I found spots I want to spend more time on and spots where I know from experience taking a break helps with integration. Thanks to these insights, the full course will now be 12 weeks long instead of 4 weeks. Two weeks on each of the four pillars of self-love with an integration week in-between pillars.

Thanks to life throwing all those curve balls at me and forcing me to either give up or give Time Blocking a try, this course will be fuller, richer, and deeper than how I’d originally envisioned it.

That is supper rad.

I am stoked.

I’m gonna keep going with this Time Blocking thing.

For March, I’ve blocked out one full day a week for blogging, with a half day available later on if need be. If things work out for blogging as they did with program creation, I’ll not only be able to publish on a regular schedule, but actually get ahead so when the next flair happens (and it will) I’ll be ready for it. I've blocked off one day a week for course creation and one day a week for social media scheduling.

Also for March, I've blocked out Wednesday as a rest day - I'm hoping having a built in rest day will help stave off the bigger symptom flairs. <crossing fingers>

How about you?

Have you tired Time Blocking? I’d love to hear about your experiences with Time Blocking, please leave me a comment below if you can!

Till next time,