Thanks To Chronic Illness, I Dyed My Hair Blue AND The Shower Too!

Didn’t mean to fall, but I did

“Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars to prove that we showed up for it.” — Hannah Brencher

A little over 2 years ago I had my hair dyed blue.

I LOVED it ❤

I found semi-permanent hair day that is cruelty free, gluten free AND fragrance free — seriously. Check out Manic Panic if this sounds like your jam too.

The mail came very late the day it arrived. Maybe I should have waited till the morning when I always have more energy and bodily control.

Probably should have.

But the impulse part of ADHD and my excitement won out. I was smooshing that stuff into my salt & pepper curls within mere minutes of unboxing it.

As I’d read from some reviews, I left it on for an hour since I don’t have bleached hair. It never caused any irritation. That part wasn’t bad in the least, I just hung out here at my desk and worked on a couple of things until it was shower time.

Now, I was trying to be careful and cautious and aware of my lower energy levels late afternoon when I showered by bringing in this low foot stool with me. My thinking was I could sit and use the hand held attachment while I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed until the water came out clear.

It was a good, solid plan.

It was enough though — as I was holding the shower thing in my right hand and attempting to gently and slowly sit down, my tired body/mind lost track of where I was in space and I missed the stool — by a lot.

As I was trying to catch myself , it was totally one of those slow-motion moments in life, I kept telling myself “I don’t wanna stain the tiles! I don’t wanna stain the tiles!” and then, once I realized I was gonna fall no matter how much I tried to prevent it, “I don’t want a concussion! I don’t want a concussion!”.

So, the good news is I hit the tiles so slowly and gently that I did not sustain a head injury — woot!

And… we’ve now got this little memento that'll, hopefully, remind me to take better, gentler, more realistic care of this beloved and disabled body of mine.

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