Summer Fades Into the Magic of Autumn

This is the time for asking Why?

These next two weeks are a transitional space: we are entering the last full week of Summer with Fall officially beginning on the 22nd. The wheel of time is once again turning from Summer into Autumn, the season of deepest introspection. It is a perfect time to reflect on what recently has been and to conjure up that which you hope will soon come to be.

Personally, I expect to be processing our recent hazardous air quality and the ongoing wildfires here on the west coast. This last week in SW WA has been especially intense. As I type this our Air Quality Index(AQI) is 255 when a week ago it was 16. But, as bad as our air is right now, those less than two hours south of us are struggling with AQI’s in the high 400 to low 500’s.

I’m facing the awareness that too often I go about my days taking the clear air I am blessed to breathe completely for granted - usually only thinking of it when it’s gone for a bit, say from a neighbor’s diesel truck idling too long across the street. I don’t want to live my life taking my blessings for granted. So, this week I’ll be spending time journaling and meditating on my normally clean air and exploring ways to integrate gratitude for clean air into my daily practices.

This week, spend some time to do some journaling and meditation or prayer yourself. Allowing yourself to revisit those moments that you worried you might not make it through and also those moments of joy or pleasure that you (hopefully) reveled magically in.

Then pause…

Pause for a few days or the entire week…

Just pause…

During this pause, your unconscious mind, which is your intuition, will have a chance to reflect on what you’ve written (and anything you were afraid or resistant to write down too!). Your job during this pause is to listen for the whispers (or screams) from your soul. Listen to your body too - any new tightness, or sense of anxiety, excitement or extra energy? Let those feelings offer you a way in so you can connect more deeply with your intuition.

Next week, as we pass through the Autumn Equinox, now is the time to daydream, to ask yourself “What do I want?” Once you’ve written about what you want, your task is to dive deeper, be braver, this time answering the questions “Why?”. Why do you want this or that? Why did you not choose that one thing, the other you told yourself was ‘too big’?

Your answers to the Why question can bring you incredible clarity, offering you insights into the core feelings and soul needs ready to be tended to this season. Dive as deeply into your Why as you can.

Freedom often lies on the other side of Why?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions.

Your Truth is your Truth and is always scared.

You now have the scared task of listening and then accepting whatever that Truth is at this moment.

Blessed be the turning of the wheel and blessed be the act of discovering our Truths.

Katherine Grace is a self-Love advocating, self-help and essay writing, passionate triple Scorpio… writing for and about how … Life is better when you love yourself. If you’d like to support her work, you can visit her Buy Me a Coffee page.

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