Soul Writing

A path into deeper self-intimacy

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If you really want to know yourself,start by writing.

- Shereen El Feki

Autumn is a special season for me.

I hear the call to go into maximum introvert mode, to hibernate and give deeper into myself. One of the ways I answer that call is through Soul Writing. I need some small amount of structure during this season, not too much that it becomes oppressive, but enough that I don't wander into the catacombs of my mind and get lost in rumination.

For me, writing to my deepest self using prompts helps me stay 'in the zone'.

Autumn is a heavy season, a deepening season. Free-writing is better suited to other seasons I've found, at least for me it is. I've found that writing with intention and set boundaries helps me to find the freedom to get intimate with myself. Writing using a loose structure and intention can be profoundly powerful for me.

In many traditions, such as old Celtic spiritual traditions, Autumn is the time to celebrate the year coming to a close with the end of the harvesting season. This is traditionally done on October 31st.

Autumn is an ideal time for reflecting back on the last 12 months as a whole or if you prefer, the calendar year-to-date. Spend time exploring how these days that have most recently passed have served your soul’s purpose and needs. Then spend time asking yourself where you were left wanting and needing something different, something less or something more.

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Brew a rich cup of coffee or a mug of your favorite tea and tuck yourself away somewhere you can be uninterrupted for a time. If you’re able, light a candle and say a prayer or mantra before you begin.

Spend this time writing to the deepest, most truest you – your soul.

Using pen and paper, explore who you were at the beginning of this cycle of seasons.

Examine the ways that you have struggled and the celebrations that you have enjoyed. Seek out what needs your soul is now asking to have met.

How can you honor those needs in the purest of ways?

How can you acknowledge your truth, while honoring your daily life’s needs?


This post was adapted from the Self-Care for Autumn guide, available now on

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