On Being Careful Who You Take Business Advice From

How you market matters more than how often you market

“Advertising is legitimised lying.”― H.G. Wells

This morning I found an email today from Ruth Poundwhite. Inside was a journalling prompt inside that, well, gave me a moment of realizing just had fed up with being afraid I have become:

  • Journal prompt of the week: If I’m radically honest, here’s what I really want to spend my time doing in my business right now… Try to let go of fear and judgements and be honest with yourself. If you knew it would sell, what would you choose to do?

Also in the email she talked up this thing she’s part of — The Online Business Playground Summit. Curious as I ever am, I clicked over to see who else was involved and then potentially sign up. It was good to see more than just Spiritual White Women in the lineup. I was beginning to think maybe this’ll be a good thing for me, maybe it’s worth signing up for and spending the time on.

That was until I saw Leonie Dawson’s shining smile staring back at me.

Conscious Business - What It Is And Why It Matters “When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic…soulfulstrategist

If Leonie Dawson is involved then it’s a safe bet that the focus on this summit isn’t building a business based on integrity or mutual respect or commerce instead of capitalism. It is clear that her business model has changed drastically since I first followed her work about a decade ago.

Friday, I was on facebook, there was a live Question and Answer from Leonie Dawson. … On the Q&A feed, I read the question of someone saying trying to do some savings to enter the Academy but couldn’t even pay the rent. It could have been my comment. Maybe Lenormand

And it hasn’t changed for the better…

Leonie seemed honest and ethical — and not in a million years the kind of woman who would use her status and fan base to recruit women into an MLM. And yet that is exactly what she’s now doing. And, it appears, not in an entirely transparent way.” Hannah Martin

Her model now focuses on wearing potential customers down with so many emails that eventually the thinking/critical part of the brain gets circumvented by the feeling part and we just click that magical, tye-dyed Buy button.

This is toxic and manipulative and completely lacking in consent. Yeah, consent in marketing matters — at least it should matter, especially for women.

Drop the need to “overcome objections” in your marketing.
One of the common pieces of advice in selling and copywriting is that you need to “overcome the objections” of your…georgekao

So I closed that tab, I’ll spend the time continuing to work on the designing and details of my upcoming NeuroDivergent planner offerings (did I tell you yet that I’m finally going to be offering ‘real’ planners as well as printable ones?!? I am so excited and scared to death too!). Instead, I choose to listen to marketing and business advice from people who are interested in doing business from the soul, ethically and with heart. People like Bear Hebert, Mark Silver, Caroline Leon and George Kao.

The irony of this?

Leonie’s printable planner was the first printable planner I was exposed to and bought — way back in 2011 or ’12 — and now here I am, making my own printable planners and about to set into the pre-made planner arena as well.

Oh, and that journal prompt I shared up there are the beginning of this post?

Here’s my answer:

If I’m radically honest, what I really want to spend my time doing in my business right now is writing about neurodivergence and creating tools to help neurodivergent humans live their most magical lives.

It’s pretty cool (and kinda creepy) that this prompt with this answer preceded my seeing Leonie Dawson in the summit lineup and going, nope. Serendipity can be such a trip!!

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