My 1yr Covid Lockdown-versary

Picture by author of Luna, her service dog, resting at her side under a table at Starbucks on March 2, 2020

The above picture is from my last visit to a Starbucks to sit and write. I had my service dog, Luna, with me. It turns out I am wearing the same pair of pants today as I was that day.

Those pants may be the only constant between that last pre-Covid quarantine writing session and today’s.

Well, no. That’s not true. My dog is still here, though without her regular outings, she has lost some of her public access training skills. She’d only recently exited her formal training and become my office service dog. So, yeah, we’ll need to revisit some training when it is really, truly safe to be out and about in public again. Not long ago I read a story about a blind woman who had to retire her guide dog early due to Covid’s quarantine and, because of that same quarantine, had discovered guide dog training services to be for the most part shut down. So, as frustrating as it is to consider having to return to some earlier training with Luna, I’m counting myself as lucky to still have her here, able to help as she does.

The last time I was at my day job was in January.

I was there to give building access to the fire alarm company for their alarm checks. A noisy affair consisting of setting off each individual fire alarm, one at a time. I’m not a fan of being in the building during these, but it was utterly and miserably cold and rainy outside, so inside seemed like the lesser of two large discomforts.

On my desk still sat a draft with the date of March 2020 on it waiting for me to get out my trusty red pen and go over it before the final printing that never came.

It felt surreal.

For a moment I wondered, is this how it feels after the world ends?...

If so, I hope when the world ends those damn fire alarms aren’t going off, one at annoying time after the other.

A year into this working entirely from home and I’ve figured some things out. Things like:

  • My desk really needs to be tidy and pretty and functional and inviting or I will simply not force myself to sit there for long.

  • The Coffitivity app saves my writing butt time and again. My fav being the ‘Morning’ setting - even if it’s 7pm.

  • If I don’t shut my door while working, my husband will come in to chat me up at the most unexpected and flow interrupting of moments. I’m still struggling to remember to shut the door.

  • Luna is still my favorite office mate, except when the neighbors cat walks by the window and she loses her ever-loving mind in a very loud way :/

  • Grace matters most.

  • Coffee helps.

I still really miss getting myself all settled into a corner at a coffee shop - that collective buzz and energy somehow helping me focus on the writing task at hand. One day I’ll return, though my beloved local coffee cshop has closed because of Covid, I’ll find a new one to love and settle in at. One with a table in a corner that faces the door, with room for Luna to tuck away on her travel blanket without fear of someone not seeing her and stepping on her precious black feet. One that is locally owned hopefully. One that feels safe and anonymous and energized in just the write way for this writer to focus again.

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