Letting My Anger Inspire Me

$27 is $27, ya know

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“Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.”― Maya Angelou

A few years ago I spent hours upon hours upon even more hours designing a planner. I sold it for a bit in my Etsy shop. I used it for myself for a good long while.

Then I drifted from it – as many of us creatives do.

I played around with having 2 different planners for a couple of years: an everyday planner and a health planner. It was great having space to log symptoms and have appointments note at hand when I needed to reference them … until I went to an appointment only to discover I’d only brought my everyday planner with me.

Seriously, I’d left my health planner – with the symptom notes needed by the doctor – sitting on my desk!


So last year I went back to using one planner and just wishing it was more inclusive, but not feeling up to redoing the one I’d made.

And this year?

Well, Covid has shot a lot of my systems to shit AND made some things much easier – but I find myself wishing I had everything in one place like I used to.

I’ve considered redoing mine – it has great bones after all. But it wasn’t near the top of my list.

Then I saw ‘it’ on Facebook – an ad for a planner that promised to give me everything I was needing, maybe even a wee bit more.

Cool beans!

Very, very cool beans.

I researched the creator and found they have literally over 30% more followers on Facebook and Instagram they’ve got nearly 15K more followers than I do. Social proof means something, doesn’t it?

So I decided to go for it. I handed over my $27 and eagerly awaited my welcome email.

Bing! It’s here. Way cool! Click! Click! Click?...

Oh, this is it?...

But this is only 6 pages and a video I couldn’t make it through for the rambling.rambling.rambling …

HINT: Rambling does NOT belong in a “mastermind class”.

Masters do NOT ramble.

Amateurs ramble.

I am a professional who does not choose to waste time with rambling.

But wait, there’s more…

It was only a month-at-a-glance page. That was all…

Oh, but the guidebook for this ‘system’ releases on Oct 15th? Ok, I’ll make note to come back and print that off – maybe it’ll be the thing that makes it worth it?


Full of typos, badly articulated pseudo-science, and with wildly incorrect information on habit-forming.

First, I’m confused. How is this worth $27?!?

Later, I’m frustrated. What I made had so much more to it and I charged way too little for it.

Why do I consistently undersell my offerings?!?

Finally, the anger comes. I don’t lie in my sales copy. I tell folks what is included, page count and all. I don’t want anyone to purchase something from me and feel they got ripped off. I want folks to feel loved and cared for and supported in their journey.

How dare this person lie so blatantly about what this offering will provide and take my very hard-earned money?!?

This is not ok.

I stewed for a bit…

But the reality is I still need what I was trying to buy – so I’ve decided to let my disappointment and anger fuel my engines enough to create it myself.

Every other project has been put on the back burner until this new ‘planner’ of mine is done – or at least, is done enough to be usable and helpful for me and anyone else who wants to have ‘one binder to save them all’ … (sorry, not sorry for the nerdy insert!)

Yesterday being my screen-free Sunday I brought my original planner and loads of colored pens and blank paper to our big dining room table. My husband and I sat there for nearly five hours total reading through the original, talking about what I was needing, him sharing things he thought would be helpful, working on the wording and such…

The entire thing is pretty much mapped out – now to buckle down and create it all <3

Please, wish me loads of energy and focus – I’m gonna need it!

Katherine Grace is a freelance editor and writer who specializes in helping women business owners take better care of themselves by taking items off their To-Do’s lists. A Self-Love advocating passionate triple Scorpio writing for and about how life is better when you love yourself. She is the creator of the Self-Care for Autumn guide. If you’d like to support her work, you can visit her Buy Me a Coffee/Taco page.

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