I’m Ready…

Why I’m embracing my ‘boring’ word for 2020

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Today I spent hours laying about under the covers, enjoying the simple, sensual pleasures of not having gravity pulling as hard against me. I wasn’t pain-free, but I was much, much more comfortable than at any time since I got myself upright. I was daydreaming plot points for my new romance story. I was enjoying the dog laying across my legs. I was most enjoying knowing that my partner would celebrate whatever I did today — even if (maybe especially if?) all I did was rest my chronically ill body and let my mind wander down delicious trails.

I did finally manage to get out of bed.

Savoring a cup of very good, very dark coffee, I set about making some sense of how I was going to go about outlining this story. … Being a romance writer who writes by the seat-of-pants (aka panster) has been fun and all, but it’s also led to me giving up when I hit roadblocks in every story that I’ve ever begun. Enough of that nonsense.

The only word that keeps coming up for me for 2020 is ‘Ready’…

And you know what?

I am ready.

I’m ready to finish a story (or four or five!).

I’m ready to stay the course with daily writing/publishing.

I’m ready to fucking shine after a really, awfully rough couple of years.

So today much of the afternoon was spent working on outlining. Then there was the annoyingly regularly needed lay-down/nap… Then a couple of posts while I wait for it to be time to cook dinner (which, BTW, is gonna be so good!)

So, yeah, I’m ready to up my game, own my power, serve myself first in this buffet of life.


Guess I’m hungrier than I thought, better so cook that dinner and snuggle my sweetheart ❤

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