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Grateful Hearts ... Day 8

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” ― Yip Harburg

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Welcome to Day 8!

Today our prompt is... Song

Music is magical...

Some songs will feel like they are especially made for you, as if the songwriter and/or performer peered closely into your heart and offered a song in answer to your truest experiences. 

I am most grateful for songs which feel personal to me and hold meaning and hope in my heart. My all time favorite song has been constant for about 10 years now and it's all because of these lines:

"Love is the answer

At least for most of

the questions in my heart

Like, why are we

and where do we go 

and how come its so hard?"

Better Together, Jack Johnson

Those simple lines of lyric pretty much sum up my most basic, dearly held values about life all in one catchy little song.

Another song that means a lot to me is It Comes and Goes in Waves by Greg Laswell. I've shared this song with others who are also doing trauma recovery work and it always resonates with them too. It is just a gentle reminder that, no matter how hard things feel, it comes and goes in waves so just stick around and an up wave will come along sooner or later. Just, please, hang around because you matter so very much in this world.

One of the songs my husband is most grateful for is Let's Go Crazy by Prince. Not because it is some perfect song, but because it was the first song that exposed him to different sounds, new and differently paced sounds. It 'woke him up' to what music can be and I don't think he's looked back since.

Which songs are you most grateful to and why?

Here is our Day 8 prompt:

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