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Grateful Hearts ... Day 6

“I’m thankful for a pair of shoes that feel really good on my feet; I like my shoes. — Johnny Cash

image by author

Welcome to Day 6!

Today our prompt is... Shoes

I pay attention to shoes. I do this in part because shoes say a lot about a person.

Did this person choose comfort over fashion... I become curious about their reasons, do they also have back pain and wonky balance at times? 

Did that person choose those very expensive high heels because they love them and adore them and saved for months to buy them, or because they are confused and mistakenly believe their personal worth is reflected by the clothes they wear?

Did this person choose those shoes because of freedom to choose, or a lack of choices? And do they even care about what kind of shoes they have on?

Our prompt today is an excerpt from the following:

'The shoes always tell the story,' said the shoe poet. 'Not always,' I countered. 'Yes, always. Your boots, they are expensive, well made. That tells me that you come from a wealthy family. But the style is one made for and older woman. That tell me they probably belong to your mother. A mother sacrificed her boots for her daughter. That tells me you are loved, my dear. And your mother is not here, so that tells me that you are sad, my dear. The shoes tell the story.' - Ruta Sepetys

What stories do your shoes have to tell?

And can you find gratitude in the telling?

Here is our Day 6 prompt:

image by author

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