Gen-X is Here for Coronavirus

In our homes, socially isolating, protecting you fools who go outside

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

We were raised on a certain type of latchkey kid 1980's childhood freedom. The freedom to wander, but also the freedom to try things out as well as the freedom to not give a sh*t. So, essentially, we were built for this virus. Staying home all day, eating and sleeping at odd hours, watching too much tv…We have been training for this our entire lives. We know well that the future is doomed — we grew up under Regan and recessions and so-much-more. We know we can’t do anything to fix it so we might as well stay home — except, A-Ha! Staying home does help and so finally our inability to motivate ourselves is coming in handy. Hell, we’re cynically saving the world. One hopeless day at a time. If you are not a Gen-Xer and you are NOT staying home — — please listen to us, learn from us and stay the fuck home so less people will die. Please. Just stay home, trust us, it’s not so bad.

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