Embracing My Inner Luddite

Why I’ve Gone Old School with Pen & Paper

I spent three days away from screens because of an unruly and most unwelcome migraine. In fact, I spent much of that time in a dark room. It sucked. Thankfully it appears to have faded back into memory instead of the now.

But I’m back and again working on plotting out my first romance story.

I think being a panster is NOT the best way for me to write a book of any length.

But plotting it out in scenes before I start?

I’m loving it!

Take, for instance, the epilogue, which I realized not long after I’d written it that it wasn’t right for my current story, but will be perfect for a different story later on!

But the scenes are all written out in a notebook, clogging things up, jamming things together when they need to be spread apart. What to do?

I considered using Scrivener for it’s ability to move scenes around as needed. BUT I don’t want to be beholden to the computer right now. I find myself doing a lot by hand, just as I used to. I’m finding that writing things down is unlocking so much for me — it’s worth the hand pain.

Writing By Hand

The sensual pleasures and pain of it

So today I wandered over to a couple of stores in search of pen-to-paper solutions. I found some really cool stuff — like the planner pictured at the top of this article. It was on clearance at Michaels for $15. At first I hesitated even at that price because it isn’t ‘perfect’, then I reminded myself it is February 10th and I still haven’t designed, much less printed out, planner pages for my life as a writer.


Perfectionism can be such a drag.

So I bought the pretty planner AND I found an adorable 4x6 notebook holder and index cards that fit inside so that I can move my story plotting there. This way I can move scenes from one spot/story into another as I need without having to cross out or rewrite whole pages AND still getting that pen-to-paper experience. Plus, the holder is a cool shiny black that should look really cool with the ‘right’ sticker or two.

I love technology.

I love pen-to-paper — I love the sensual feel of a smooth ink pen gliding over a silky piece of moleskin paper…. I love the tactile joy of it all.

Hopefully this will bridge the gaps my ADHD/PTSD brain struggles with — writing it all down like I used to in the ‘old days’ and being able to see and reflect back on those written words…

At the very least, I’m stoked I haven’t given up!

Not even close, I’m READY to flow and grow this year.

I’m Ready…

Why I’m embracing my ‘boring’ word for 2020

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