Beautiful Spaces Matter

Especially the ones we live in

“Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well-being.” —Albert Hadley

I have the privilege of being a homeowner, the privilege of being married to a partner who understands and supports my need for beauty, and the creativity and resources to create beautiful spaces for myself.

creating, curating beautiful spaces in our home brings me peace and also creates a sense of safety and serenity from the outside world

creating beautiful vignettes for my eyes to fall on offers me moments of respite from my constant fatigue and near-constant pain. These spots allow me to step outside of my pain, letting my spirit wander as my eyes travel over the leaves of a golden pathos, a beloved vintage gold brocade chair, the paintings rescued from thrift stores adorning our bedroom walls.

I spend most of my days in our bedroom - needing to lay flat for a bit after eating and showering so that my temperature system can realign itself (again), sitting propped up in bed against a jungle of pillows with my lap desk holding whatever I’m working on right now, and, of course, sleeping more than your average bear.

working intentionally to craft a bedroom space that is assessable, functional, and oh-so-lovely is important for my well-being. The view from my pillows matters, we’ve placed the bed so that instead of looking at cupboards, I now can look out the windows, watching the many different shades of greens on the hillside dance in the wind, witnessing the neighbor’s cat taunting our dog as it prances on our fence line and, even, sometimes our garage roof!

the beautiful spaces in here allow me to breathe and to recently myself, again and again, on being here now, even when PTSD and/or pain seek to distract me from living my life - I can stay here, grounded in the beauty of his vintage metal laundry basket and then wee little brown and gold pottery owl tucked beneath the tv.

this beautiful space allows me to relax and also to focus and create.

this beautiful space allows me to feel fully alive and grateful for so much, even though my life in this disabled body is actually pretty small by cultural standards.

Katherine Grace (she/her/) is a survivor with a very sharp memory who is devoted to not repeating the past and helping others do the same. She writes about self-care & love, mental illness, gratitude, and the adventures of being an Autistic disabled woman. "It's all about seeking (and finding) the magic within our everyday mundane moments... and allowing ourselves the grace of being fully and imperfectly human."

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