A Simple New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

Consider New Moon's an opportunity to reset. This simple ritual's focus is on what you intend to do/be/create/experience during this next phase.

“In the dark of the moon there is growth.

Plants do not flourish in the noonday sun,

but rather in the privacy of the new moon”

Terry Tempest Williams

A ritual water cleansing is a good idea - if you can manage a full soaking bath (with candles and essential oils even!), then I heartily recommend it before you sit down to write out your intentions. If a bath isn't an option, gently and with great attention and care, wash your hands and face before engaging in your writing.

A short and sweet, straight-to-the-point ritual writing of intention:

  • Ritually wash yourself (water cleansing)

  • Light one candle while whispering "Blessed Be My Intentions"

  • Taking pen & journal, gently ask yourself what intention(s) your soul is calling forth for this moon cycle (and possibly beyond)

  • Write down your intention(s)

  • With great care, read your intention out loud to yourself

  • Say Thank You as you blow out your candle.

That's it for this New Moon.

Blessed be your intentions and attentions.

Katherine Grace (she/her/) is a survivor with a very sharp memory who is devoted to not repeating the past and helping others do the same. She writes about self-care & love, mental illness, gratitude, and the adventures of being an Autistic disabled woman. "It's all about seeking (and finding) the magic within our everyday mundane moments... and allowing ourselves the grace of being fully and imperfectly human."

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