A Simple New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

Tonight's New Moon is our last one before the Spring Equinox. Consider it a much-needed reset opportunity. This simple ritual's focus is on what you intend to do/be/create/experience during this last full week of Winter.

Someone holds a pen over a sheet of paper with writing on it.

A ritual water cleansing is a good idea - if you can manage a full soaking bath (with candles and essential oils even!), then I heartily recommend it before you sit down to write out your intentions. If a bath isn't an option, gently and with great attention and care, wash your hands and face before engaging in your writing.

A short and sweet, straight-to-the-point ritual writing of intention:

  • Ritually wash yourself (water cleansing)

  • Light one candle while whispering "Blessed Be My Intentions"

  • Taking pen & journal, gently ask yourself what intention(s) your soul is calling forth for this moon cycle (and possibly beyond)

  • Write down your intention(s)

  • With great care, read your intention out loud to yourself

  • Say Thank You as you blow out your candle.

That's it for this New Moon.

Blessed be your intentions and attentions.

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