3 Ways To Rest And Recover After The Holidays

Take a damn nap already

“When you rest, you catch your breath and it holds you up, like water wings…” — Anne Lamott

The Holidays are, for the most part, over.

How tired are you after all that?…

It’s normal to be worn out, worn down, just flat out exhausted after these past few weeks.

Right now, especially this week, can you please give yourself the gift of rest?

Here are three ways you can practice putting yourself and your rest first this week:

#1: Say no to something someone wants you to do and, instead, spend that time doing something (or nothing) that restores your sense of peace.

#2: Can you call a friend you’ve been missing? Maybe, someone you haven’t seen in 2+ years thanks to this god-awful pandemic? Gift yourself time alone to make that call and reconnect.

#3: Go to bed. No, for real, go to bed, turn off your phone and the TV, and just go to bed and let yourself catch up on some much-needed zzzzz’s.

And remember, you didn’t get this tired overnight, and you won’t feel recovered and restored overnight. Recovery will take some time of concentrated effort towards rest and personal restoration. You’re worth the time.

Go ahead, take that nap.

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