3 Daily Habits To Help You Love Yourself Better

Reminding yourself that you are already enough

“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” - Louise L. Hay

Loving ourselves while living in a culture focused on tearing us down, is a sacred and sometimes scary act of devotion. The healing journey towards completely unconditional self-love is a lifelong one. It never ends, it is, indeed, a practice.

How you speak to yourself matters - often more than any outside voice you hear throughout your daily adult life. Our inner voices are shaped by our child and young adulthood. The first voices to take up residence in our minds are those of our primary caregivers. The next are teachers and then our peers. Oh, and let us not forget the voice of culture telling us all the rules and ways and means that we will never measure up to whatever arbitrary ideals culture is currently holding.

All of these voices that come from outside of us are not from our Truth and they are also often not very kind.

Your Truth is that you are already and always have been good enough, smart enough, worthy enough to be loved - most especially by yourself. AND, yes, it can be hard, so hard it may seem impossible to hope that one day you might find yourself simply loving yourself exactly as you are. BUT it is completely possible.*

Here are 3 daily habits you can build and incorporate into your life to help you love yourself better:

  1. Each morning, before you get out of bed, remind yourself that you are already enough, already worthy of your love and devotion.

  2. Each day at noontime (lunchtime), again remind yourself that you are already enough, already worthy of your love and devotion.

  3. Each evening, after you lay your beloved head upon your pillow, one last time remind yourself that you are already enough, already worthy of your love and devotion.

How you talk to yourself matters.

How regularly and strongly you affirm your worthiness to receive love matters.

You are reminding yourself of your ready worthiness during these three pivotal moments each day because these are transitional moments. They are liminal spaces in your day and it is in the liminal spaces that Spirit tends to be most readily heard and believed. These are some of the most magical moments in the mundane of your daily life - these moments matter.

You matter.

So, please, spend a few moments, 3 times a day, reminding yourself that you are already and always enough. Remind yourself that you are worthy of your own devotion and affection. Remind yourself that you are magic.

Remember, you matter.

*NOTE I said loving ourselves is completely possible NOT completely easy. This will be a lifelong practice. The most important thing you can do with this knowledge is to simply accept it and continue strengthening your self-love practices.

Katherine Grace (she/her/) is a survivor with a very sharp memory who is devoted to not repeating the past and helping others do the same. She writes about self-care & love, mental illness, gratitude, and the adventures of being an Autistic disabled woman. "It's all about seeking (and finding) the magic within our everyday mundane moments... and allowing ourselves the grace of being fully and imperfectly human."

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