2020: A Year of Sacred Seeing

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I am over resolutions and the seemingly inherent violence in stating I need to do BIG things and make BIG changes to be ‘good enough’. I’m done with having a word for the year that cannot evolve alongside my soul. This year, I’m embracing a different concept: A Year of Sacred Seeing. In theory it will be a beautiful mashup of concepts that support my curiosity, continued healing and growth into whatever is next for me. 

After days and days and weeks of working on discerning my word or theme for 2020 I’d given up, decided to go with Grace Upon Grace for the third year in a row. 

And, please don’t get me wrong, grace upon grace served me well and truly in 2018 & 2019… I still use it… It may actually have been evolving into a life theme of sorts for me. All I know for sure is it isn’t meant to be my phrase for this year AND I am not supposed to let it go at this time.

So I’ve been on a search of a word or theme for 2020.

As often happens when I think of ‘new things’, the name A Year of Sacred Seeing came to me before the idea was fully formed. 

I’ve learned to not fight my process.

So, instead of fighting, I got curious. What would a year of Sacred Seeing mean to me? Why would it be of benefit over a word or phrase for the year? What form(s) would it take and how fluid could I allow it to be as it becomes?

These were good questions.

They all had immediate answers.

Good questions about the details + immediate answers = the right path.

Some would say it is the Divine speaking to me, some would say it is my intuition, some wouldn’t care either way…

I’m in the last camp at this time in my life because all I know for sure is that when good, detailed questions come up for me after a name appears, and those I am given good, detailed and actionable answers to those questions right away…. I know this is the right path — for me, for now.

Maybe it is also a ‘right’ path for you as well this year?

Here’s what I know I’m envisioning for this year:

* A monthly OR seasonal focus

* Grace & Magic for guest posts at this time

* Diving deeply, in the gentlest of ways I can, into what is sacred in life, was is sacred from my past, what can I do to boldly live a more profoundly sacred life from here on out?

That is the bones of this idea.

All I’ve got tonight are the bones because this blessed idea came to me not even a couple of hours ago… I’ve spent time meditating and praying about it since and, yes, this is my next ‘right’ path.

Is it yours also?

What would a year of Sacred Seeing look like for you?

Would it be future-focused, or memory mentioning?

Would you like to participate in it this year on Grace & Magic? How? Through …

a blog post? through an art piece shared?a writing activity and/or prompt?

Truly my heart feels open to ideas tonight.

Do you have a word or theme for 2020? If so, please leave me a comment and share it with me if you can! I love building community around intentionality. 

Would you like to participate in A Year of Sacred Seeing with me, please reach out in the responses section below or through Twitter or Facebook and let’s explore your ideas!

Katherine Grace is a survivor with a very sharp memory who is committed to not repeating the past and devoted to helping others do the same.

She is the author of Releasing Relationships: A journaling workbook for moving on after a toxic relationship.

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