In 2003 I started writing my first romance novel, Built to Last. I made it to 3,501 words and stopped...


Confused and doubting my ability to craft a story worth reading.

Being in a hateful, violent marriage with a narcissist 17 years my senior was, yet again, stealing my dreams right out from under me.

"You'll never be able to finish that, you know."

"No one will read your story, why would they?"

"Why don't you spend time on something that matters, instead of that silly romance story?"

Those, and many more, were all part of what I gave up.

He was a mean, tiny little tick of a human who simply could not stand to have me focusing so much time and joyous energy towards a story... A narcissist panics when they are not the focus of your attention and he panicked and verbally and emotionally assaulted me until I cowed and gave up.

BUT, not before I printed out everything I had so far and tucked it safely away for a hopeful future.


Well, I have thought about these two characters on and off since then. I've never abandoned or forgotten them and on Friday, November 15th, I decided enough was enough - Jennifer and Josh needed to have their story completed.

So, halfway through NaNoWriMo 2019 I joined in, typing up those original 3,501 words and going from there...

I love these two characters.


I'm so excited to see how Josh and Jennifer's story plays out!

If you're doing NaNoWriMo this year, let's connect on the platform.

And if you'd like to help support me in finishing Josh and Jennifer's story please consider visiting my Buy Me A Coffee page and, well, buying me a coffee ---- a lot of caffeine goes into this process :)

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