The Self-Care for

Autumn System

Learn how to care for yourself in alignment with the energies of Autumn with this comprehensive guidebook. The Guidebook includes prompts and worksheets to get your self-care journey underway, as well as a Gratitude Planner with worksheets and a Mid-Autumn Check-In for space to pause and reflect on your self-care journey so far this season.

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"It's lovely! Gratitude was a game changer for me when I made some significant life changes years ago - so it's a big deal in my world!   I think you've outdone yourself..."  
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Life these days can move pretty darn fast.

Don't let another season pass you by while

putting everyone and everything BUT you at

the top of your To-Do lists!

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"It's like you gave me permission to take care of myself."


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The Self-Care for Autumn System is here for you!

- The 68 page printable Self-Care Guidebook has 13 sections, each with an inspiring quote and a worksheet page.

- The 23 page Mid-Autumn Check-In to give yourself a space and some time to pause and reflect on your self-care journey so far this season.

- The 18 page Gratitude Journal includes 3 worksheets to help you dive deeper into a sustainable gratitude practice.

The energy of Autumn is about nesting and preparing for the oftentimes dark and leaner times of Winter. Autumn is a time of deeply powerful spiritual energy and, as such, is a perfect time for deepening your spiritual practices as well. It is about connecting within and beyond. Autumn is a time for reflection and gentle listening for your Truth.

Think of the ideas in this book as self-care tools that you can add to your self-care toolbox. My husband would tell you that you can never have too many tools. He’s one smart guy - though I am afraid that one day we’ll need to build a bigger garage to hold all of his tools!

You will find that having a multitude of self-care tools at your disposal is something that will sustain you, lifting you back up, time and time again.