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Hey There Beautiful!

There's a reason why you were guided here...

It's time to stop putting your self-worth in the hands of other people

All About Me

Hello, I'm Katherine (and that adorable ball of doggy goodness is Luna). If you're like me, then you're a very loving, caring, giving person - who maybe needs to learn how to offer more of that love, care, and generosity to yourself. You help others, sometimes to the point of bleeding yourself dry. You do for others, often without having much of anything done for you in return.

You're tired of this status-quo.

You long to feel worthy in your own skin, full of confidence, curiosity, and the joy that comes from (re)connecting with the truth that you are worthy and always have been.

You are enough.

You always have been enough.

Isn't it time you felt like it?

Self-love may seem like a trendy buzzword, but it is actually the foundation you need to build your life upon that not just feels like you're enough, but also you to know deep down in your soul that you are enough.

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I know change can be hard, but it is possible.

I grew up with a narcissistic mother intent on shaming me into becoming her own little doll she could hold up to others for praise. A neurodivergent female in a world that just doesn't 'get' me, I dropped out of high school as soon as I legally could. I then spent the next 23 years in two abusive marriages. 


Because my childhood taught me that love is full of drama and confusion and suffering.

It took me many years of study, therapy, prayer, and meditation to unravel those messages enough to begin to love myself. I left my abusive marriage, moved to a new town, and began crafting a life built on my belief that "Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart" (Jack Johnson).

That was over 11 years ago.

Since that June day I told my ex it was over, my life has changed in so many ways:

  • I have earned my B.A. with a dual major in Psychology and Creative Nonfiction.

  • Curated friendships that nurture and encourage my growth and joy.

  • Met and married the love of my life, a human who is as committed to their healing as I am to mine. 

  • Most importantly, I've learned how to have the most loyal, passionate, and fun romance of my life - with myself.

This February, begin your journey into the romance of a lifetime.

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What's The Plan?
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Is there a schedule for the course?

Yes! Your planner and journal tracking book will be emailed after receiving payment when you register. Then, beginning February 1st, you’ll receive a brief email each day with that day’s activity. These emails will also include a printable version of that day’s activity if you prefer paper (plus, pink & yellow and unicorns are cute!).


And, you can, of course, participate in your own time. However, daily engagement with the materials is preferred, as the time in-between activities is the time when your subconscious gets to integrate the materials. But, you are a grown-ass adult who gets to choose your journey for yourself.


How will I access everything?

All materials will be delivered directly to your inbox! Please make sure you add ‘kate@graceandmagic.com’ to your contacts to help ensure these emails don’t end up in your nasty old spam folder.


I would like to take this course, but how can I justify spending money on myself?

I feel this hesitation of yours in the depths of my soul in a totally been-there-done-that-got-the-ugly-TShirt-to-prove-it kind of way. It can be so hard to justify spending money on yourself when you’re caught up in feeling like you have to earn every tiny scrap of kindness you get. And if money is tight, you might not have the money to spend right now. Please know that I do hope to be able to offer scholarships in the future, so please check back if that is you.


If you have the funds but question if you have the ‘right’ to spend them on yourself, all I can say is that you are already worthy, already enough.


You do not have to earn the right to care gently for yourself - no matter what others might imply. 


Whatever your situation or decision, please remember that you deserve your own love and affection.


You were born worthy.


There has never been anything to earn.



Can I take this course instead of getting one-on-one therapy?

The short answer is: No.


The slightly longer answer is: I acknowledge that finding a good-fit therapist that you can afford is often very, very challenging. While it is best to seek out and regularly work with a qualified therapist, doing things like this self-love course and daily gratitude journaling will still serve you in your healing journey if you are doing this work solo.


What is the refund policy?

Grace and Magic does not offer refunds on digital products.

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