Meet pause

Living magically, with grace, within our limitations is exactly what the Pause workbook was created to help you do.

Pause is a 40-page workbook to guide you through it all - both what has happened and what you hope will happen. This beautiful workbook is full of bold prompts to get you really thinking, feeling, and dreaming. Oh, and it comes with printable affirmation cards too!

Crafted with those of us who live with limitations such as mental illness, disability, and chronic illness in mind, it's also an excellent tool for any of you "ableds" reading this as well.

It's only $7 and can be printed out, or feel free to get out your journal and view your workbook on your computer, phone, or tablet. Heck, if you've got an app like Goodnotes, you can even write in it on your iPad if you'd like.

self-care journal promo image #2.png