Hello Love,

I'm Katherine Grace.

I’m a vintage charm enchantress.

I cleanse, reclaim & conjure up magic for everyday vintage goods for modern uses.
I am a triple Scorpio with a Pisces moon, writer, editor, designer, human.

A survivor.

An alchemist. A creator. A daughter of sacred self-care. I work with my intuition & the energy of each vintage treasure to craft modern talismans.

Charms you can wear, carry, display without another soul knowing the powerful magic they hold for you.

I adore designing & creating planners, journals, self-care guides, and more to help you (re)connect with the magic within and the magic that lives within our amazing and mundane worlds. These offerings provide you portals for returning to the state of grace your soul came from (and to which it shall return when this life is done).

I believe in magic.

I believe each of us is born in perfect purity of spirit. 

I believe we are all born magical, and I believe culture works on us from birth to separate, shame, and frighten us away from the Truth of our magic.

I believe that Black Lives Matter, that trans rights are human rights, and that being kind, curious, and filled with grace goes a long way between two fragile, bursting human hearts.

I also believe your magic has never left you, not ever.

You are magic.

You always have been magic.

You will forever be magic.

Everything I offer is done to support you in living your best, most magical life possible.

Blessed Be the reclaiming of our magical selves.

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